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Although the lawyer is often an afterthought in a real estate transaction, professional handling of the transaction is necessary in order to protect your interests.  The failure to review all pertinent details of a transaction could result in you inheriting the seller's liabilities, acquiring a property of considerable less value than you thought you were obtaining, or receiving proceeds of sale less than that to which you were entitled to.


The purchase of a house is one life’s big events and may have a very significant long term financial impact. It is important to have the contract reviewed before it is signed to ensure that your interests are properly protected and that any necessary conditions have been included. The conditions that a purchaser may want included in a purchase agreement include: a time period within which to obtain any necessary mortgage loan, failing which the purchaser can bring the transaction to an end and get his deposit back; that the vendor will provide an up-to-date survey; that the vendor warrant that the chattels included in the transaction will be in good working order when the transaction is completed and that the purchaser will have at least one further opportunity to inspect the property before the transaction is completed.

Contact us early for advice on your residential real estate transaction.



Some of the issues in a commercial real estate transaction are similar to a residential transaction. However, depending on the nature of the transaction, there may be a few or many issues specific to the commercial nature of a transaction, which may include: environmental issues, zoning issues, or GST issues.

Let McPhadden Samac Merner Tuovi advise you on the issues that are involved in your commercial real estate transaction.    Contact us.


Mortgage Financing

McPhadden Samac Merner Tuovi have completed numerous mortgage transactions, including transactions with the major lenders in the Greater –Toronto area.

Let us provide our expertise in completing your mortgage transaction quickly and professionally.    Contact us.


Mortgage Enforcement

We handle your mortgage enforcement process, from the demand letter stage through any necessary power of sale notices, actions for possession, and for collection of debts owed.    Contact us.


Commercial Leases

A commercial lease is usually a lengthy, complicated and tedious document. Its terms will usually affect a business for many years and may have a profound impact on the success or failure of the business. It is important to get proper legal advice before the lease is signed so that desired revisions can be identified while the terms of the lease are still open to negotiation.

Please contact McPhadden Samac Merner Tuovi for advice on your leasing issues.


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