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Class Actions

Securities fraud and improper disclosure cause investors to make incorrect decisions about purchasing, selling or holding securities.

Someone may attempt to enforce a contract against you in a manner that violates your rights (for example; improper or misleading disclosure of credit card charges, failure to honour a warranty, failure to pay overtime, failure to honour a franchise agreement).


Commercial Litigation

At McPhadden Samac Tuovi we understand the importance of communication and interaction between corporate counsel and commercial litigation counsel. Litigation is often an important and even necessary element of business strategy and ongoing business success.


Incorporations / Organization

We advise on corporate structure. We incorporate and organize companies, form partnerships and joint ventures, draft and give advice on shareholder and partnership agreements.


Contracts / Transactions

Good contract drafting involves listening to and understanding your objectives and your needs, and matching those to a legal framework. Intelligent, thorough due diligence can save you from a bad transaction or enable you to negotiate a better transaction.

Typical clients: Franchisors or franchisees, buying/selling businesses, lenders and borrowers, product distributors, software and other technology licensors, film and video game producers, trade mark owners.


Securities / Financings

Creative, cost effective, efficient, intelligent, experienced counsel— our advantage over many of our competitors. ... IPOs, RTOs, private placements, commercial lending, problem solving. Our relatively small size gives us the advantage of having few conflicts of interest with other parties in a transaction.


Corporate Governance / Compliance

Sins of the past have created an ever changing and ever more complex compliance regimes. We help companies put in place policies and structures to manage these regimes, and assist companies to prepare necessary continuous disclosure documents.

If a compliance or regulatory investigation team has been calling you, we know your business environment is about to be turned upside down and we know how to help. We help you understand what is being alleged or what is being required of you, then help you to plan and to implement your plan to help you get through the process.


General Counsel

Often clients want us to act as senior general counsel on a part time basis to provide a set of eyes or ears to bounce issues off of, solve problems early on, and generally offer our experience and legal expertise.



We help franchisors prepare franchise disclosure documents, franchise agreements, lease and license agreements. We help prospective franchisees conduct due diligence on the franchisors. We close purchases and sales of franchises for both franchisee and franchisor.


Intellectual Property

We help you protect and license your valuable copyrights, trademarks, patent rights, trade secrets and other proprietary and intellectual property.


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