Potential Class Actions Under InvestigationPotential Class Actions Under Investigation


In addition to the numerous class actions we are prosecuting, we are investigating other possible class actions, particularly the two identified below:


Gas Fireplace Inserts

The glass on the front of glass fireplace inserts can reach very high temperatures and many individuals, including young children, have suffered serious burns from coming into contact with the glass.  The glass on some inserts can reach temperatures of up to 500 degrees Fahrenheit.  It has been suggested that the manufacturers should take or should have taken steps to avoid these injuries and, in particular, should have provided guards so that children are unable to touch the glass and should have provided labels so that adults do not inadvertently or accidentally touch the heated glass.

The makers of the glass fireplace inserts we are investigating are “Lennox Industries Canada Ltd. and Lennox Hearth Products Inc. (collectively “Lennox”)”, “Majestic” and “CFM Corporation”.

We are interested in discussing these possible cases with anyone, including those who have suffered burns or the parents of children who have suffered burns and former employees of the manufacturers, with knowledge of these inserts and/or injuries suffered from coming into contact with the hot glass.

You may contact us, in strictest confidence, by writing to gasfireplace@mcst.ca or by calling 416-363-5195 and asking for Bryan C. McPhadden.


Denture Creams

We are also investigating possible claims relating to the denture creams Polygrip and Fixodent.  Until February 18, 2010 both these creams contained in Zinc.  Fixodent still does.  Some medical experts have indicated that zinc in the creams may increase the risk of zinc poisoning.  This can deplete copper levels, resulting in injuries caused by zinc poisoning such as paralysis, muscle weakness, loss of sensation, numbness, tingling in the extremities and pain.  We would like to discuss these possible cases against the makers of these creams with those people who believe they may have relevant information including those who have suffered injuries such as those identified and by any doctors or dentists who believe they have patients who have suffered such injuries.

You may contact us, in strictest confidence, by writing to denturecreams@mcst.ca or by calling 416-363-5195 and asking for Bryan C. McPhadden.




If you have a potential class action you would like us to investigate or a claim you would like to refer to us, please call us or send us an email with as detailed a description as you can.

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