Class Action against Bishop’s College SchoolClass Action against Bishop’s College School

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News: September 2010

Notice to Class Action Members / Avis aux membres du recours collectif - Bishop’s College School (link to external site)

An agreement (the terms of which are set out in detail in the "Settlement Agreement") has been reached between the Petitioner (the individual who brought the Class Action) and BCS in the Class Action.

The Superior Court of Quebec has approved the Settlement Agreement reached in the Motion for authorization to institute a Class Action (“Motion”) filed in Quebec against BCS bearing number 500-06-000362-067. The Motion has been authorized as a class action for the sole purpose of giving effect to the Settlement Agreement.

For further information please read the:


Notice of Settlement of Bishop's College School Class Action Concerning Sexual and any Physical, Mental or Psychological Abuse (external site)

Settlement Agreement PDF


Filing a Claim: 

To make a Claim pursuant to this Settlement Agreement, Class Members must complete and submit the Claim Form set out in Schedule D of the Settlement Agreement by providing all the information requested and duly completing the affidavit required to submit this form. The deadline to submit a Claim Form is December 7, 2010. Claim forms must be submitted to the Administrator, Services de Recours Collectifs Crawford/Crawford Class Action Services, P.O. Box 233, Jean-Talon Branch, Montreal, Quebec, H1S 2Z2 Re: Bishops College School Class Action Settlement, Attention: Stephanie Chreifi on or before December 7, 2010 by mail, postmarked on or before December 7, 2010 or received by fax to (514) 748-1736.

Please read the Notice of Settlement for further detail.

If you wish to submit a Claim, download the Claim Form here: Claim Form


Opt Out:

All persons who fall within the class definition authorized by the Superior Court of Quebec will automatically be included in the class unless they exclude themselves from the class by Opting Out. Class Members shall have the right to exclude themselves from the Settlement, and in such event the Class Member who has opted out shall not be eligible for any of the payments set out the Settlement Agreement. To Opt-Out, Class Members will have to complete, sign and return an "Opt-Out Form to Bishop’s College Legal Counsel, Borden Ladner Gervais LLP, Attention: Me Caroline Matte, Re: Bishop’s College School Class Action Settlement, at 1000 de La Gauchetière Street West, Suite 900, Montreal, Quebec, H3B 5H4 on or before December 7, 2010. If a Class Member does not timely and properly Opt-Out and does not timely and properly make a claim under the Settlement Agreement, he shall be bound by the terms of the Settlement Agreement and all related court orders and shall beforever barred from receiving any payment under the settlement, commencing any suit or proceeding or continuing any action in relation to Abuse perpetrated byor with the participation of Reverend Harold Theodore Gibson Forster or any other of BCS’s Employees (see definitions in Notice of Settlement).

If you wish to opt-out of the Class Action, download the "Opt-Out Form" here: Opt-Out Form



McPhadden Samac Tuovi has commenced class action proceedings in Quebec against Bishop’s College School.

Prior to commencing the proceeding, a court Order was obtained restraining the media and the school from disclosing the identities of the proposed representative plaintiff and any other claimants. The Order was sought so as to prevent further victimization of the representative plaintiff and to encourage claimants to come forward to assert their claims, confident that their identities will be kept confidential.

After Bishop’s College School is served with the court documents, the firm will seek a claims resolution agreement with the school. Should agreement not prove possible at an early stage, a court hearing to certify the action as a class proceeding will be scheduled.

Additional information about the claim is available in the firm’s media release and from the Petition to Authorize a Class Proceeding, both of which are accessible on this website.

For more information about this Class Action Lawsuit, please read the Petition for Authorization, Pseudonym Order and the firm’s Media Release.

Petition for Authorization PDF

Pseudonym Order PDF

Media Release PDF

Media Release PDF

If you would like more information about our Class Action, please contact us directly. All inquiries will be kept confidential. 

Recours collectif contre Bishop’s College School


McPhadden Samac  Tuovi a commencé une procédure de recours collectif contre l’école Bishop’s College au Québec.

Préalablement à l’introduction de l’action, une ordonnance a été rendue interdisant aux médias et à l’école de rendre publiques les identités des requérants représentant la classe et autres demandeurs. La requête relative à cette ordonnance a été motivée afin d’épargner à l’élève demandeur représentant la classe toute aggravation de son statut de victime, et pour encourager d’autres demandeurs à se faire connaître et à affirmer leurs demandes, en étant confiant que leurs identités resteront confidentielles. Ensuite de la notification de la procédure à l’école Bishop’s College, le cabinet tentera de parvenir à un accord de résolution des demandes avec l’école. Dans l’éventualité où il ne pourrait être parvenu à un accord à un stade initial, une date d’audience à fin d’autorisation du recours collectif sera fixée.

Des informations complémentaires concernant la procédure sont disponibles dans le Communiqué de presse du cabinet et dans la Requête en autorisation, tous deux accessibles sur ce site internet.

Pour des informations supplémentaires sur ce recours collectif, veuillez lire la Requête en autorisation et le Communiqué de presse du cabinet.

Si vous désirez obtenir des informations supplémentaires concernant cette procédure, veuillez nous contacter directement. Toute demande d’informations restera confidentielle.

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