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Champix Class Action Update - Feb, 2014

 In December Pfizer produced tens of thousands of documents, purportedly all the documents it is required to provide in this action.  We are in the process of reviewing those documents in detail.  Our initial review suggests that not all necessary documents have been produced.

In early January a case conference was conducted by the judge overseeing the lawsuit.  The judge set the date of June 5, 2014 to hear any motions needed in respect of the documents Pfizer has produced.

It is expected that examinations for discovery of a Pfizer representative and the representative plaintiff will be conducted.

A date for the common issue trial has not yet been set but it is presently expected to be held sometime in 2015.

Bextra and Celebrex Class Action Settlement Update - Nov, 2013

This is an update regarding the ongoing administration of the settlement of the Bextra and Celebrex class action. 

The settlement is administered by Collectiva Class Action Services based out of Montreal, QC.

Collectiva has advised us that, as of last month, it had received a total of 433 claims for compensation regarding personal injuries. All but 5 of those claims were then sent by Collectiva to the adjudicators, who are the medical doctors who decide whether a claim is eligible for compensation. Of the remaining 428 claims, 354 have already been adjudicated, meaning that the doctors have made a determination about whether those claims are eligible for compensation or not. The adjudicators were still reviewing 82 claims. 

When an adjudicator makes a determination, Collectiva then delivers to the claimant, or to the law firm representing the claimant, a determination letter that describes and explains the adjudicator’s decision. If you have not yet received a determination letter, it is probably because the adjudicators are still considering your claim. If we are representing you in the settlement, then you should receive a determination letter from us within the next month or two.

Note that no settlement moneys will be distributed until every claim has been adjudicated. If the total value of all of the claims made exceeds the total amount contributed by the defendants, then every claim will be reduced on a pro rated basis. 

Sony Playstation Network Class Action Settlement - May, 2013

McPhadden Samac Tuovi LLP is pleased to announce that a settlement of this class action has been reached with the Sony defendants.

Further details about the settlement, including the process by which to submit a claim for compensation under the settlement, and the process by which to “opt out” of the settlement (that is, choose not to be included in the settlement) are available at the settlement website:


Note that if you wish to opt out of the settlement or to object to it (that is, to tell the Court that you disagree with the settlement or some aspect of it), you must do so by May 20, 2013


Sony PlayStation Network and Qriosity Class Action - May, 2011

McPhadden Samac Tuovi LLP has commenced a class action against Sony Corporation and other Sony companies related to the theft from Sony of personal information of Playstation network and Qriocity service users.  The theft may also include user credit card information.

The action has been brought on behalf of all persons in Canada who used Sony’s online PlayStation network or Qriocity services up to May 2, 2011 and who provided Sony with personal and/or credit or debit card information.

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